About me

I work as a Performance Mind Coach, specialising in Focus & Awareness Training and teaching Athletes how to access higher levels of Consciousness & Peak Performance states consistently.  I have a Holistic & Scientific approach to High Performance utilising the latest advancements in Technology & High Grade Assessments to assist Athletes on their journey to maximising their potential and achieving their dreams. I am very passionate about the work I do and I have always believed that success is built upon strong relationships with mutual respect between Coach & Athlete. I am continuously researching new methods to help support my current & future clients achieve their goals & aspirations. I found that the most effective way to help each Athlete I work with, was to develop a High Performance Program that would bring them to the next level. Through the combination of Sports Neurofeedback, Cognitive Perceptual Training &  Performance Mind Coaching, I believe I offer a service that give can any Athlete the Mental Edge in their chosen Skillset & Environment.