Focus & Attention Training

Being a father of two kids, I understand the challenges that todays world presents, when it comes to our children developing the skills necessary to succeed in school as well as the sports environment.
Having the ability to hold your attention on the task at hand, is one of the most valuable skills any child or adult can develop. In recent times there has been a surplus of young children being diagnosed with attention disorders such as ADHD & ADD, yet there unfortunately seems to be very little solutions available to improve the quality of life for the individual. When a child struggles to keep their attention in school & at home, it isn't long before it begins to impact those around them, often causing a breakdown in communications & relationships leading to an environment overloaded with stress & anxiety. It was with this in mind that I developed a high performance program that could benefit both anyone looking to improve their ability to focus in sports & also anyone labelled with an attention disorder.

Cognitive Perceptual Training & Neurofeedback Training

My program consists of the combined training of cognitive perceptual training & Neurofeedback training. I use the most advanced technology to provide a safe & non-invasive solution to enhancing the cognitive attention of your child. The training that I provide allows your child to train both at home and on site, proving to be the most impactful solution to your child's needs.

Remote NeuroTracker Training for Kids


3D Glasses purchased separately
€30 inc delivery
  • Train in comfort at home
  • Personally tailored programme to suit each child
  • Improvements seen after 15 sessions
  • Weekly Reports
  • Ongoing support & re-evaluation