Sports Neurofeedback Training

I work with Athletes who need to perform in the highest pressure environments. I use Sports Neurofeedback to train individuals to let go of any internal or external distractions, allowing them to become fully engaged & immersed in their high performance routine. Although my training is catered towards athletes who perform a closed skill, such as kicking/throwing in Rugby, Golf, Racket Sports etc or anyone who has a routine to perform prior to execution of their skills, this training is also immensely valuable to any individual looking to enhance their ability to stay focused & heighten their Awareness during their performance. Top Athletes that I work with use a combination of all my services to help achieve the mindset & level of focus required to maximise their potential.

Remote Neurofeedback Training

€250/mo (Discount Available for Incomes Affected by Covid 19)

Focusband sold separately
€500 including shipping
  • Train from the comfort of your own home
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Superior Stress Management Tool
  • Includes 2 Performance Mind Coaching  Sessions
  • Used by Elite Professional Athletes
  • Weekly Reports & Ongoing Evaluation