Cognitive Perceptual Training

NeuroTracker is designed to help you achieve your mental peak state for any situation where there is pressure to perform. NeuroTracker trains the cognitive abilities needed for better awareness & decision making under pressure.
Reaching Elite level human performance is mental just as much as physical. Training your mental abilities can provide an added edge in any situation. My Training is designed to rapidly enhance, the high level cognitive abilities that are needed for better attention, awareness & decision making performance, at all levels.


  • Focus on key play opportunities
  • Filter out incoming sensory distractions
  • Stay sharp under high pressure demands


  • See more opportunities in any situation
  • Interpret body language/movement more effectively
  • Perceptively slow down your environment

Decision Making

  • Respond more quickly & efficiently
  • Improve your response accuracy
  • Avoid overly impulsive actions

Remote NeuroTracker Training

€100/monthly (Discounts Available for Incomes Affected by Covid 19)

3D Glasses sold separately
€30 Including Delivery
  • Train in the comfort of your own home
  • Personally designed Programme
  • Only 6mins daily training required
  • Results seen in as little as 15 sessions
  • Weekly Reports 
  • Enhanced Focus, Attention, Awareness