Athlete Mental Edge

Athlete's Mental Edge(A.M.E) is a report that pinpoints Athletes most likely mental mistakes, offers suggestions for improving performance and allows athletes to compare their profile scores to those of world class athletes in similar sports. AME is an excellent resource for teaching athletes how to understand focus, control emotions, deal with pressure and build mental toughness. AME scores are based on TAIS profile data and the assessment can be taken online. Once completed I will interpret the results and the athlete or coach will be provided with the most comprehensive report and given clear insight into their strengths & weaknesses, thus raising their levels of consciousness and allowing them to develop the mental awareness to focus on key areas that will lead to their personal success and consistency at an elite level.

Online Athlete Mental Edge Assessment


  • Take in the comfort of your own home
  • Online 45mins max
  • Detailed 35+ Page Report
  • Compare your scores to World Champions
  • Reveals your 2 most likely Attentional & Interpersonal Errors 
  • Includes 60min One to One Review
  • Used by Elite Olympic Athletes