Awaken to Higher levels of Consciousness

"Where the Mind goes, Energy flows"


Becoming aware of the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that create the recurring patterns or programs that continue to hold you back in life is key to raising your consciousness. You have learned a set of beliefs from your early childhood, that are still dictating how you see yourself in the world today. If you have ever felt that something is holding you back from becoming more than your current circumstances than perhaps it is time to awaken yourself from the energetic blocks & limiting beliefs that have been doing just this. 
 I know that people feel & perform better when they raise their levels of consciousness and begin to understand that they are more than the identities created by the egoic mind and I am proud to offer first-class training designed to help you do just that. 
I use a combination of Performance Mind Coaching and the latest advancements in Neurofeedback technology to train individuals to harness their ability to stay focused and maximise their potential in Sport, Business, Academics and everyday life. Take a look around my website to find out more about what I have to offer.